And Thats The Way It Used to Be

    It used to be this way:

    This is a scan of an original historic ancient document.

    A rate sheet of interest rates and terms for the Perrysburg real estate market.

    From 1981.

    Rates today?

    2.5 to 3.5%

    Points?  What are they?

    Assumable loans?  Who cares!?

    Seller paid points?  Seller paid second mortgages. Land contracts?

    Ancient terms of no meaning to today’s buyers.

    Note also that many of the lenders are long gone too.   Some closed by the government.  Some due to fraud.

    Some made so many loans to so many bad actors . . . they ran out of money.

    Interest rates – no one cares about them now.

    But . . . what will happen to buyers and sellers when today’s historically low rates are gone?